Dr. Denise and director Charles Mattocks introduce “Eight Days” docu-series

By Cathleen O’Toole


            On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, we will be unveiling a very exciting partnership with Charles Mattocks — director, producer, actor, author — you name it!  This dynamic duo will be teaming up to tackle mental wellness in reality TV form.  Before you say, “Oh no, that’s going to be a voyeuristic mess,” you have to listen to these two.   You’ll learn about how the pair will be using conversations, healing and love to bring awareness to the mental health struggles that so many of us face.

            Dr. Denise is scheduled to be lead doctor during the eight days that five carefully-selected people will spend on retreat together.  In this podcast she will tell us about how the “pause” in live can actually propel us forward during times of crisis.  You’ll get an insight into her explanation of crisis, stabilization and thrive and how it will help guide the housemates and viewers through difficult times.  Dr. Denise will teach us, “There is joy in the journey.”

            Charles Mattocks brings an amazing template to the topic.  The director whose own health battle brought us the ground-breaking diabetes docu-series Reversed has also gathered acclaim for his Eight Days Season One that examines the lives of five people living with different stages of cancer.   Mattocks says Eight Days Mental Health will all be about understanding.  “We don’t understand what it’s like looking in that tunnel,” says Mattocks.

            The team will be natural advocates for the men and women who come together for Eight Days Mental Health.  Mattocks explains the profound impact the cancer fighters have made on his life and he expects this to be no different.  Dr. Denise stresses “integrity of the soul” for each housemate who will be cared for, before, during and after the series is long over.

            Take a listen — you most undoubtedly will be convinced that this genre is perfect for bringing awareness and respect to the world of mental wellness.