Chris Gordon’s Wait 4 me App to Empower Social Change Globally!

Happy Father’s Day!

Compassion in action. Creativity. Connection. Consciousness. Awareness. Synchronicity. Service. Integration. Multidimensional Wellbeing. Racial Wellness. Empowerment. Global Change. Ancestral Healing. 

Words that come to mind as I launch part 2 podcast episode with Chris as we discuss his GLOBAL INITIATIVE that help those around the world who feel as there is “NO WAY OUT!”

 I had the privilege of spending time with Chris late April discussing important and practical ways of BEING part of a paradigm progression that integrates real life ways to lift people out of poverty on a global level and to have NEW discussions that address systemic oppression. 

Are you ready to be inspired?

Part 1

Listen here to part 2:


Chris Gordon:

Is the founder of Wait4me App, the author of the novel Fishing with God and the producer of the soon to be released documentary Still Here chronicling the trafficking and organ harvesting of Bosnian Romani orphans.

Chris grew up in Babylon Long Island in the Township of Lindenhurst went to Nassau College and Hofstra university, studied psychology economics and theater.

After college Christ became a stockbroker and financial manager for the likes of Myers Pollock and Robbins and Merrill Lynch, before becoming a district manager of orange county for American express financial advisors.

In a lateral career movement he chose the endeavor of film financing in Los Angeles where he is in the mantle of Producer then exactly producer for the film company Intercept entertainment on the Paramount Raleigh Studios film lot.

Currently Chris is the founder of Wait4Me app in the new media digital age.

**** Chris and I spoke about the synergy that he and my Dharma Brother Lama Tenzin Choegyal.

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