On Alchemy: Deep Dive on Liberation

What happens when one realizes one show alone, The Ascension Show, cannot possibly address the week’s topic  “Liberation”, especially during Black History Month?  Well, you produce another show on your platform that does, a show that addresses the feelings, triggers and questions around that word.

This week, on the On Alchemy show, Dr Denise and I address your (and our) questions,  feelings, triggers around the topic “Liberation”. Listen to hear how to Alchemize, how to handle thoughts and feelings to then feel and Be Free, Liberated. We tackle the challenging  questions:  How do you feel Liberation, in this country, if you’re a person of color?  How do we all effectively talk about, create, and experience Freedom? How do we give ourselves permission to Feel Free, Liberated…  when the evidence around us appears to point to the opposite? Racism and inequality may be a daily reality that prevents freedom for some.  The pandemic that isolates us, a collective reality, certainly doesn’t promote the feeling of freedom. Then also, Anxiety and Fear seem to whisper to many that there’s not enough of what we need, not enough to share. That doesn’t feel like freedom. For some others, who are not experiencing any discrimination, restrictions or suffering … we talk about steps to remove guilt about the enjoyment of things, importance of altruism/speaking up for others, and ways to give yourself permission to Feel Free To Feel Good. The path to Liberation. That’s what we’re for and about this week. Join us as we share our respective journeys and tips for Liberation.
 ~ Dr. Andrea Best
Listen here: