Be Inspired by Pro Basketball Player, Entrepreneur and Visionary Jarnell Stokes

Are you ready to be inspired by this interview with Jarnell Stokes?

The Covid19 pandemic cut his amazing season in China playing for the XINJIANG Flying Tigers short.

Can you imagine being at the top of your game playing for a team about to seize the championship and figuring out your next steps?

Stokes decided it was back to the USA for him to be safe and with his loved ones.

Jarnell gets real about his love of basketball, devotion to holistic health and how to go into the suffering (his resurrection from an injury while playing in the NBA) and to take your life to the next level.

Listen here:

Jarnell Stokes is a world-class athlete, wellness advocate, and current professional basketball player. Jarnell was ranked #3 in the nation during his basketball career, drafted 35th overall, 2x Gold medalist, and has played professionally since 2014. Dedicating his life off the court to educating and inspiring ALL to question all assumptions and turn the tables on mental health & wellness, Jarnell sees his community as extending members of his team.

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Stay tuned for a children’s book release and for more exciting media announcements from Jarnell!