Mind Dive Launch

Extraordinary Things Happen Once in a Lifetime — MIND DIVE is now ready to be downloaded on your Androids and iPhones completely FREE.

Mind Dive is the first of its kind unique App that will break barriers in the way we treat Mental Health by combining MusicMeditationNeuroscience, and Yoga. You will get to see and hear Inspirational Documentaries from people such as the great Ernest Braunstein who survived the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and to this day inspires younger generations with his story of determination in the face of adversity. , The App brings some of the most Incredible Spiritual Guides such as Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rev. Temple Hayes, Michel Pascal and more to your doorstep. The app also explores powerful Scientific Research topics like Reincarnation, Telepathy and more.DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MIND DIVE APP TODAY
Thank you to Michel Pascal for birthing this amazing tool that will open minds, hearts and change lives! It is truly an honor to be a contributor in helping bridge spirituality, psychiatry and science.
With love and gratitude,
Dr. Denise