Psychiatry & Meditation for Daily Stress

Being healthy and well requires a level of physical and emotional awareness for ALL of us.

This is why I prescribe mindfulness as part of every mental health thrive plan for children, teens and adults.

As a board certified adult and child psychiatrist that has seen thousands of patients I view a practice of mindfulness as “exercise for the brain” that sets the foundation for optimal mental health. The long term benefits of a meditation and/or a mindfulness practice are endless and can include an improved immune system,reduced anxiety, improved mood, increased focus, improved cognition, improved compassion and more. Many people report a greater sense of connectivity to something larger than themselves and a mind that is open to more possibilities.

Did you know that 70-80% of life long mental health issues start before age 24? That is why I believe every tip, tool or strategy for mental health and thriving is important for my patients and for ALL of us. As a mother, wife, and psychiatrist my mindfulness mantra “Be loving. Be kind,” allows me to stay connected to my higher self and to recycle stress into love throughout my day.

I believe the integration of meditation as a universal wellness tool into our homes, offices and schools will have long lasting societal health benefits. Last spring I highlighted the Harvard neuroscience research on meditation in my post “Create The Best Version Of Yourself With Meditation and Mindfulness.” In another post, “The Mindfulness Prescription”, there were many tips and tools included about the practice of mindfulness. I am passionate about wellness and prevention and envision current and future generations of children having the tool of meditation as a standard “mind medicine” for wellbeing.

Last year I met Michel Pascal. Michel is a meditation teacher and author of “Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices for Immediate Wellbeing”, to be released this April.

It is my goal to integrate a more formal understanding of meditation into my practice of psychiatry and to share my experience of implementing behavioral plans that include cognitive behavioral strategies and mindfulness techniques. Michel and I co-produced “Emergency Well-Being,” a video series discussing the importance of bridging psychiatry and meditation, which was released on February 17, 2017.

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