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Entrepreneur Mindset Profile with Dr. Jennifer Hall: Creative Mindset Series

Are you ready for a deep dive on winning mindset and the many flavors of what being an entrepreneur can look like? In my mind prep for a networking event I came across Dr. Jennifer Hall’s body of work and her contributions to developing the Entrepreneur Mindset Profile.  I love her organic process, scientific method […]

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Champion Mindset Series with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist John Cerasani Part 2

Let’s GO! The interview continues with serial entrepreneur and business expert John Cerasani with a deep dive discuss about his break away from corporate America and the evolution of… (drum roll please…) The Right Deal, The Right Time: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2022-07-21-t10-01-40am-final-mix_1_.mp3   John Cerasani is a serial entrepreneur, business expert and venture capitalist.  He currently splits time […]

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