Consciousness Unleashed: Dr. Denise & Tom Massari’s Journey Through Intuition and Sensory Perception

Step into a world of wonder with Dr. Denise in her latest podcast, ‘Consciousness Unleashed: Dr. Denise & Tom Massari’s Journey Through Intuition and Sensory Perception.’ In this episode, as we wave goodbye to 2023, Dr. Denise welcomes Tom Massari, a man who’s spent 51 years embracing the extraordinary through channeling. Tom shares his fascinating journey, from his initial UFO sightings to profound metaphysical explorations. This conversation is not just about Tom’s experiences; it’s an exploration of the mysterious energy essence known as Abram. Tom reveals how Abram has been a pivotal part of his life, offering unique insights and wisdom. Dr. Denise, with her integrative approach and intuitive understanding, bridges the gap between traditional psychiatry and the expansive realms of the quantum universe. The discussion ventures into embracing our unique neuro styles, the power of intuition, and navigating life’s complexities with awareness and grace. The podcast also offers a rare opportunity to hear from Abram, the energy essence channeled by Tom, who brings a profound perspective on living in harmony with our true selves. Join this captivating journey that promises to expand your perceptions of consciousness, energy, and the universe.

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