Welcome to My World: Dr. Denise’s Journey to Embrace Neuro Styles & Universal Wellness in 2024

Hello everyone, it’s Dr. Denise here, and I’m thrilled to share with you the exciting journey that awaits us in 2024 on my YouTube channel. As an adult and child integrative psychiatrist, a mother, and a producer, I’ve been passionately working towards changing how we perceive and discuss mental health. Today, I’m honored to have Cathleen O’Toole, an esteemed journalist, join me to delve deeper into the evolution of The Dr. Denise Show.

In this episode, I reflect on the proud moments of 2023, including my nomination for the People’s Podcast Choice Awards in the “Skeptic’s Guide to Science and Medicine” category. I discuss my unique interviews with fascinating individuals like Tom Masari, a veteran sleep medium whose insights are broadening our understanding of sensory perception and consciousness.

I’m also excited to talk about my concept of “Embrace Your Neuro Style and Beyond.” This approach is all about celebrating our neurological uniqueness and fostering a holistic understanding of mental wellness. Looking forward, I am eager to engage in more collaborations, speaking events, and to create multimedia content that resonates with a diverse audience.

My aim is to build a community where each of us feels empowered and understood. Whether it’s through our discussions on mental health, personal growth, or embracing our unique paths, I am committed to making 2024 a year of meaningful connections and transformative insights.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I look forward to exploring more topics, sharing my thoughts, and hearing from you. Let’s change the way we think, talk, and act about mental health together.