Meet Susan Allen: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“Mediumship healed me. It wasn’t until I started meditating and trusting my intuition that I fully embraced my unique gifts to help others heal, too.” -Susan Allen
Are you ready for a multidimensional deep dive on panic, feelings, empathy & intuition with world renowned intuitive healer and medium Susan Allen?
Susan Allen is an intuitive healer and medium who began studying mediumship and mysticism in her late teens. She can connect with all life and all souls, including animals, at their soul level. She has been communicating with animals on a deep soul level since childhood. She calls what she does, SOUL SPEAK, a name that came to her through meditation.
“My whole life, I’ve always felt empathically what others were feeling. Now I believe it’s always been Spirit, too.”
Susan has spent decades cultivating the spiritual gifts she was born with. As a former Ford Model, Art Dealer, and a Real Estate professional, Susan has found mediumship to be her truest calling.