Meet Carnivore Doctor Lisa Wiedeman: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Are you ready to meet carnivore veteran Dr. Lisa Wiedeman since March 9,2009!?

Dr. Lisa Wiedeman shares the common denominator of individuals finding “Their Why That Makes Them Cry” as the impetus for a paradigm progression to optimal health and behavioral changes.

It is vital to remember that food is mind medicine.

Important new ways of perceiving wellness, nutrition, anti inflammation, fat loss, improved mood, focus, mental clarity and physical transformation are in this power packed vulnerable episode:

Dr. Lisa Wiedeman Carnivore Veteran Since 2009

“First and foremost, I am passionate to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals through a healthy animal based way of eating.

I myself had suffered over 25 years of being addicted to sugar and processed foods and only was able to finally relieve myself of that misery once I realized it was a true addiction and abstinence was the answer via the carnivore way of life.

I am a medical professional and have been an optometric physician for 32 years and became passionate to educate patients that they could reverse their diabetes or halt progression of their macular degeneration with a healthy animal based diet.

I have coached others for the past 14 years to achieve elimination of medications and multiple health issues.  Changing lives one person at a time has been immensely rewarding and a full time passion.” Dr. Lisa 

Doctors mentioned in this episode that are in this carnivore space :Philip Ovadia M.D., Ken Berry M.D., Shawn Baker M.D.. Another veteran of carnivore over a decade, Kelly Hogan.

Stay tuned for Charles Mattocks,