Take Over Episode with Author and Tech Founder Chris Gordon

Do you have people in your life that lead with the heart and inspire you to be a better person? I dare you to shoot them a text, give them a call and see what happens. This is how today’s episode evolved…

Drum roll…. Please…

Chris Gordon is back on the Creative Minds Series for a 2022 mid-year check in!

“Hello fellow Vision Warriors today I’m doing a friendly takeover of the show. We’re going to put the Good Doctor on the hot seat and get her thoughts on how to use your power to change the current darkness.”

Right here:

Chris Gordon is the Founder of the App Wait4me and a Published Author, of the book Fishing With God. Father, Philosopher, Philanthropist, Change Agent and zeitgeist. Born and raised in NY, cultured and cured in LA. Chris has traveled the world; touching, connecting lives, empowering the financially disenfranchised and examining the human condition through the mediums of; Technology and Media.