Champion Mindset with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist John Cerasani

Are you ready for the kickoff of Season 2 of the Champion Mindset Series?!

It is GAME ON with John Cerasani who is a serial entrepreneur, business expert, venture capitalist and former scholarship Division 1 football player.

This is a deep dive interview back to John’s childhood and early adult years looking at his experiences and role models that shaped his core values and success mindset.

He was on a projected path to be a mid-late round NFL draft pick when in his last game of the season he experienced leg pain that was found to be related to a contusion to his spinal cord that could lead to paralysis.

“The best thing that didn’t happen,” words from his father, his high school football coach,Tom Cerasani, regarding his athletic career track to the NFL.

Part 1 interview right here:


John Cerasani is a serial entrepreneur, business expert and venture capitalist.  He currently splits time between Los Angeles and Chicago, and has been featured on FOX, NBC, WGN, and CBS.  Notably, he was featured in Crain’s Business 40 Under 40 for one of his early companies at the age of 27.

More recently, John sold an insurance business that he started from his kitchen table to a large private equity backed player.   This put him in a position to retire at the age of 42.  A few months later, he unretired, changed professional direction, and started Glencrest Global.   Glencrest Global has quickly earned a name for itself as one of the premier early-stage venture capital firms in the United States and is currently in more than 30 deals.

During this time, John has become business partners with some high profile founders, including:  Aaron Rodgers, Kevin Garnett, Ashley Greene, and Jaleel White.  Additionally, he is part of some very recognizable acquisitions and developments including apartment complexes in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, as well as The Vea Hotel (formerly the Newport Beach Marriott).

John will also be releasing his second book “2000 Percent Raise” which gives readers guidance on leaving their employers to go into business for themselves.  He is very active on social media as a business influencer as well, @JohnCerasani .

John is a former scholarship Division 1 football player at the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University.  He sits on multiple boards for non-profits and focuses much of his philanthropic efforts toward making higher education available to underserved communities.  He also serves and has served as a Trustee for universities in both Indiana and South Carolina.

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