Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Ryan Phillips Part 2

Alchemy IN Motion!

Part 2 with Ryan Phillips:

Ryan Phillips has led a packed life full of lessons in many arenas. The first was ice hockey, his passion and dream growing. Everything seemed to be on track until he left home at 16. A string a major injuries and other set backs didn’t allow him to reach his full potential even though he played in the pro ranks for a time. Concussions and addiction became the theme while it was clear he missed his window to the NHL.

Some poor choices led him into the lucrative Marijuana industry at the age of 20, being one of the early pioneers before legalization. Shipping large shipments of the plant across the border into the USA. That lasted until he he was incarcerated in the year 2000 for over 500 days in a maximum federal prison on a conspiracy to import charge. When he got out things didn’t change right away, and that story is depicted on National Geographic’s hit show (Locked Up Abroad.)

After many close calls and threats on his life, he escaped that business and made some serious changes and dedicated his life to service. A global advocate and speaker on the work he’s done around the world on Mental Health, and Child Sex Slavery, led to two Tedx talks, riding across many countries on a bicycle to raise awareness for these important global crisis’s. Now with Mental Health being at the forefront of humanity, he has partnered up with Charles Mattocks an award winning film producer.

The nephew of the late Bob Marley, Charles and Ryan both believe in REDEMPTION! This summer they start the journey of filming the T.V series (True Redemption) that will focus on personalities in North America to start, intertwining Ryan’s life story and the need for humanity to bind together, connect and find action based solutions. It’s both their intention to stamp out the stigmas surrounding mental health and normalize a once taboo topic. Ryan is open and honest about his adversity’s, and never backs down from an opportunity to help make this world a better place.