Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series with Kirk Patrick Miller (Deep Dive)

What an Honor to have Kirk Patrick Miller back to do a deep dive Embrace Your Neurostyle & Beyond  show!

In our first interview Kirk Patrick Miller, the author of Chaos to Cured tells the story of being diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1, OCD, ADHD and General Anxiety as a young man, and related his struggle of coming to terms with what he thought would be a limited life.

The term #NEUROSTYLE, the “unique we process and process and perceive the world around us.”  he says set him free.   “It gave me lot better perspective as to how I should view myself.”  

Kirk and I were having a collaborative discussion this week and I said.,”Kirk… I love where this conversation is going… Can we just hop on the mic and do a show?”

He said YES!

Here it is:

Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated author and violinist. Suffering with bipolar one, ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety, his life was upended when he refused to give in to the diagnoses he was labeled with. After becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar, due to his unique endocrine treatment method he was asked to write his memoir, “Chaos to Cured.”

Now, ten years after writing his memoir he stands as a testament to hope and perseverance. Stable and successful, Mr. Miller runs a music institute, is a professional painter, author, speaker, and radio personality.

His desire to help others find hope comes from being granted a second chance he believes everyone deserves. First and foremost he stands against shame and judgment of any kind.

Mr. Miller believes that each and every individual can attain their potential with work, faith in themselves, and the understanding that what is often seen as a weakness is actually our greatest source of power. He stands firm in his belief that the key to living a fulfilling life is in accepting and loving the person we are, all while turning our hardships into wisdom, love, and compassion for all.


Website:  www.Chaos2Cured.com

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Twitter: @Chaos2Cured

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The Creative Piece Of Kirk’s Soul that we discussed during OUR interview that I am honored to now have hanging in my home: