Diva Discussions:Brooke Stokes Journey from Addiction to Abundance

This DIVA is leaving me speechless.

From unimaginable child hood trauma she alchemized her addiction moments and challenges to go straight into her suffering like a boss bitch and shift the energy to create her own personal thrive after facing many rock bottoms.

With the help of hope, faith, holistic health habits  and her EARTH Angels Brooke Stokes is now ROCKING her life and IN SERVICE to others!

Listen and BE INSPIRED:

Brooke Stokes:

Brooke’s childhood involved trauma that led her to battling addiction until the age of 25. When she started her sobriety journey in 2015 she found her love for fitness and that is where she discovered her passion of coaching. Brooke now resides in Dallas Texas and plays the role of a women’s empowerment coach, health & wellness influencer, crypto trader, fiancé to the love of her life, & step mom to 3. She loves to travel and has been able to live in Asia for some time and different parts of the US. Hiking with her dog Rumi, cooking, exploring the planet & fishing are some of her favorite things to do.