Ascend Through The Medium You Choose…

“How can we maintain our own mental, physical and spiritual health?” in every moment of our lives especially in these unimaginable times.
It starts with AWARENESS. We have to be aware of our own physical and emotional state(s) to have greater SELF LOVE and the ability for self care. We need to also remember that we are in this TOGETHER. When individuals thrive WE all thrive. Cooperation and ALTRUISM on EARTH allow US to experience UNITY.
The UNIVERSAL TRUTHS of awareness, self love and altruism are foundational for health and wellbeing.
We have OUR unique Neurostyle, the way we each process and perceive our environment (biological, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural) so let’s think of  our own minds as their own “mini universes” to cultivate, love and take care of.
Our words, thoughts and actions carry a vibrational frequency that influence our health and those around US.
It is vital that WE make healthy personal choices in OUR day to day lives with our environment, nutrition, fitness, sleep, friendships, and also what WE MINDFULLY ingest when we are reading and participating in online news, media, and entertainment.
Everything is energy and can serve as “rocket fuel for SELF LOVE and HEALTH!”
In 2016 I launched the Dr. Denise Show and my NOW International Brand provides content that helps all of us embrace health and wellbeing.
The Energy Of Love (& tools to go from crisis to thrive) is integrated into the content, thoughts and suggestions in all the media released inspired by my work as a doctor, an intuitive and producer.
I founded in 10/20 as a sacred energy space and evolving platform.
We are just finishing Season 3 of The Ascension & our last show will be entitled “Life Review!”
What’s next!?
An August retreat for team Ascension…
More episodes of the Dr. Denise Show…
And an EVOLVING sacred space/platform that is in “Motion!”
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