The Ascension Show Season 2 Episode Four Love is the Legacy

From hummingbirds, to butter, to cosmic sex, you never know what this crew is going to bring up during a discussion of the Universal Truth of Love!  In this episode we prove #LoveistheLegacy with a deep dive into the many forms, feelings and fun that make up love.  We discuss the impact the National Youth Poet Laureate is having across the globe with her The Hill We Climb inaugural poem.   And, you know that voice inside your head that can sometimes be so critical — well, we meet it head on with a robust section on #self-love.  We remind ourselves why self-love is so critical to the foundations of mental wellness.  You’ll see why your ancestors send you so much love.  Plus, we get real with revealing talk about The 5 Love Languages you may of heard about — but you’ll get The Ascension Show twist!  Get your best paper out for your #LoveAssignment.  It’s all a delicious helping of #LOVE…

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Beverly Bergmann, Cathleen O’Toole

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


            Vocals: Emily Eddins

            Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

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