Meet Love Activist Tina Sarafa-Mother of Fashion Celebrity Matt Sarafa

Are you ready to meet Love Activist Tina Sarafa, mother of Fashion Celebrity & Philanthropist Matt Sarafa?

The vibration of Pure LOVE is embodied in Tina’s life journey before and after she and her husband adopted their three boys.

We get real about unconditional love and what it takes as parents to help our children to reach their own thrive.

Listen here:

 Tina Sarafa received a Masters degree in social work from USC and worked at CHLA in pediatric AIDS and then in oncology with patients receiving autologous bone marrow transplants and specialized in neuroblastoma. When Matthew was born she stayed home but continued to be involved with CHLA and their patients. She is co founder of the MB PFLAG chapter and spent 2 years as their Vice President.  Tina translates for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the United States and works with attorneys at Milbank law firm on these pro Bono cases. Tina is currently the President of a hair , skin and nail family business Nourage.
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