Dr. Denise & Jennifer Shaffer on Etheric Medicine with Mia St. John

What an amazing way to bring in 2021!

Mia St. John is a 5 time World Boxing Champion and Mental Health Speaker, Mother, Model, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

I respect and admire Mia to the core. Her love, desire, and influence for all of US to be our own Champions and Alchemists when the times are tough is INSPIRING in a NEXT LEVEL way.

With my knowing Mia’s open mindedness to all aspects of awareness and healing she was the perfect first guest in a “blind read” by Spiritual Medium Jennifer Shaffer.

Watch and BE amazed as to what Spirit and Mia’s loved ones had to say when Jen tapped into the Ethereal Realm.

Thank you Mia for allowing this sacred meeting and interview to happen. The Spirit (s) of Julian St. John  (“I love you too much!” from Spirit) and Kristoff St. John and your loved ones offered US hope to live our best lives and remember that there is no veil.


Dr. Denise