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Julia and Maddy created Sentiment back in March, after seeing how the pandemic was negatively affecting mental health. They realized that lots of people were having a hard time checking in on themselves regularly, and though this was worsened by the pandemic, it was not a new phenomenon. So, they created Sentiment: a texting community where they send daily texts to remind people to check in on themselves and their loved ones to provide inspiration, motivation and connection.
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Julia Sheth was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California (where she recently met Dr. Denise)! She graduated from the engineering school at Columbia University this past May with a degree in Computer Science, and she is now working as a software engineer at Microsoft.
Maddy Placik grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended Colby College in Maine where she studied Physics and Art, graduating in May 2018. She then continued her studies at Columbia University where she met Julia while also studying Computer Science. Maddy is now working as a Project Manager at American Express in New York City.
Check out the concert on Sentiment with Caroline Sky, yes, the Caroline that was on ‘The Voice’!

“Special thanks to Professor Lydia Chilton for believing in us and helping us along our journey with Sentiment and the Columbia University Virtual Design Challenge and Ignition Grant for inspiring us to create Sentiment and supporting us through the process!” ~xoxo Maddy & Julia

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