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The Ascension Show features Dr. Denise McDermott, Dr. Andrea Best, Jennifer Shaffer & Cathleen O'TooleThe Ascension Show Embodies Mindful Messaging

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AM offers a fresh take on marketing with intentional content, consciousness products, influencer engagements, inspirational shows and mindful messaging.

Ascension is a thinking and mindset that in anything we do we achieve the highest level of success. Ascension is its own thought process — a way of thinking, always doing better and healing.”

— Founder & CEO Dr. Denise MD

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 / — Ascension Media announced today it has launched start-up operations from its home base in Southern California. The all-female led company will be offering a fresh perspective to marketing by producing intentional content, consciousness products, influencer engagements, inspirational shows and mindful messaging.

Founder and CEO Dr. Denise McDermott uses her background as an adult and child psychiatrist who integrates eastern and western medicine to spiritually infuse well-being into her projects as show host, creative director, producer and global lecturer. “Ascension Media is less of a physical place and more of an energy space where you’re sharing with like minds ways that you can inspire one another by working together in a shared mission statement, but also then getting positive messages out to the world,” says Dr. Denise, MD.

Ascension Media offers one-of-a-kind content that examines the world around us with the intention of raising our vibrational frequency through more mindful thoughts, feelings and actions. “Ascension Media is etheric medicine because once you start putting good things into your mind, your body starts reacting to it,” says Co-Founder and Ascension Medium, Jennifer Shaffer.

Clients who wish to work with Ascension Media can hand-pick the types of services they need to elevate their business, passion project or idea inception. The Ascension Media Incubator Team includes leaders in medicine, website design, marketing, music, journalism, healing, fashion and more. “I love that our group is focused on the most powerful thing, which is love,” says Ascension Media’s Medical Director, Dr. Andrea Best. “Love is more powerful than fear.  When you feel and move in love, your cells change, your energy changes. And DNA changes — so it doesn’t just change for the individual — now you’re improving the health of generations to come,” says Dr. Best.

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“My team collectively spreads light, inspires and energetically stands in a space of integrity, love, compassion in action and our deeds are an embodiment of our virtues; hence our Ascension Team was born,” says Dr. Denise, MD.

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