“Healing is a LOVE AFFAIR” ~Dr. Franco Lenna

What an ABSOLUTE honor to share this sacred time space dimension with Dr. Franco Lenna. The synergy, synchronicity and the kindred spirit heart energy resonates throughout this PARADIGM PROGRESSION interview….

Ready, SET… GO!


Dr Franco Lenna MD, University of Milan Italy graduated with honors Magnum cum laude – PHD obtained by La Jolla University California – University Professor for La Jolla University in the Swiss campus, and Pegaso University in Italy teaching psychosomatic medicine –  Dr Lenna is specialized in hygiene and preventative medicine with honors. Afterwords Dr Lenna also went to Lion France, in order to specialize in holistic medicine – homeopathy, phytotherapy , organic supplements, and energetic diet – Psychosomatic medicine and quantum medicine.
Dr. Lenna practices medicine in the northern part of Italy and he is available for telemedicine. For information and bookings write to info@ausoniapartners.com!