National Fitness Hall of Fame Dr. Bob Weil on “The Mental Game “


Are you ready to be inspired?

This week’s show is with “The Sports Doctor” aka Dr. Bob Weil.

He is a sports podiatrist specializing in custom orthotics treating kids, teens, and adults including an impressive roster of professional and Olympic athletes.

I want to personally congratulate Dr. Bob Weil as he was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame this summer for his decades of devotion to sports medicine!

In 2018 #HeySportsParents was released co-authored by Dr. Bob and Sharkie Zartman. It is an honor to be a contributor of the chapter “Youth Athletics As Mind Medicine for Life!”

Dr. Bob hosts The Sports Doctor live weekly on with famous guests from around the globe including  athletes, coaches, physicians and other key influencers in the sports world.

He is passionate about discussions of  holistic health and integrates a mind, body and human spirit approach in his office, on his show and truly walks the walk (no pun intended!)

He and I love discussing “The Mental Game!”