I AM a Love Warrior

Happy Valentines’s Day everyone!

My dear friend, Dr. Beth Frates, M.D. just posted this on Twitter:
“Denise–This is your Day! You are the “LOVE WARRIOR!” It is so fitting that you are one of the first to post a Valentine’s Day message. You spread your love and light all over the place on Twitter and off!”

I was smiling as I read this as I respect and love what she stands for. She spreads love and wisdom daily on social media, with her patients, her friends, her family and to ALL that she meets. She lives and teaches as a pioneer in Life Style Medicine at Harvard University. She walks the walk with grace and humility. (@BethFratesMD, Twittter & wellness-synergy.com)

WE all have the power to be LOVE WARRIORS!

What does this mean? It means being our own best friend and staying authentic and true to all of our emotions in pursuit of happiness, health and well-being. It means being vulnerable, owning and embracing our flaws and striving for a greater self awareness. A love warrior helps their neighbor and spreads kindness without expecting anything in return.

When individuals thrive, WE all thrive. My favorite hashtags on social media are #OneLove #OneHumanity. Any act of love and kindness to self and to others contributes to a more peaceful and loving Earth.

Every day can be Valentine’s Day. Set your own intention of:
“I AM a Love Warrior!”

With love and gratitude~
Dr. Denise