Episode 33 – Harvey Kraft, Award Winning Author & Spiritual Archeologist discusses “The Buddha from Babylon”

Harvey Kraft is a spiritual archeologist, which means that he is a skilled interpreter of ancient sacred literature. His lifetime of research has focused on unearthing the original teachings of the Buddha and the meaning of Buddhist wisdom. He is the author of a thought-provoking epic title The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha, double Gold Prize Winner of the USA Best Book Awards in the categories of Eastern Religions and World History (non-fiction). This is a seminal work about Siddhartha Gautama that challenges traditional legends and unveils newly discovered evidence about the lifetime of the great sage and the cosmic scope of his profound 2500-year old teachings.

He has also written a visionary sci-fi fiction ebook The Waker: Portal of Perfect Light, in which he explored the birth of a Buddha on another planet. Recently, Mr. Kraft has been writing what he calls “wisdom verses” which he is posting almost daily on LinkedIn.

Mr. Kraft lives in California. His writings emerge from the inspiration of his late daughter Lani.