Tom Massari: A Symphony of Sensory Perception and Metaphysical Dialogues

Dive deep into the ocean of awareness with Dr. Denise as she charts a course beyond the conventional shores of mental health. In this enlightening journey, Dr. Denise welcomes Tom Massari, a beacon in the exploration of sensory perception and metaphysical realms. Together, they set sail into the mysteries of unique sensory experiences, the power of connection beyond the visible, and the transformational stories that bridge our world with the beyond. Anchored in Dr. Denise’s dedication to changing how we perceive mental health, this series is a lighthouse for those seeking to navigate the vast seas of consciousness. Join us as we explore the depths where science meets spirituality, and discover how embracing our neurostyle can lead us to uncharted territories of healing and understanding.



-is one of the foremost and groundbreaking channels in the metaphysical field from the early 1970’s
-has mentored some of today’s top personalities in metaphysics
has held thousands of public and private channeled sessions for people nationally and internationally
-is the co-author of “The Art Of Reclaiming Your Intention And Power”
-is an accomplished musician having composed a film score and meditation, sleep, jazz/rock and orchestrated music.