Life IS the Vision Board

“Life IS the Vision Board.”~ Dr. Denise
This is going to be the best year yet, do you FEEL IT?
Vision Board Tips to Remember
1) The only moment we have is NOW!
2) We are more powerful than we can IMAGINE!
3) Envision what you want as if it is already done.
How? Write it! Sing it! Wear it! Sketch it!
4) Do the work. Take small steps towards your dream.
5) Stay ININ, In Integrity to your unique IAM awareness.
6) Clean it up! Your messes.
Take ownership in personal, family and in business decisions.
7) Like attracts like.
Attract your inner circle and the experiences you want to have.
I challenge you to PLAY the UNIVERSE Game and remember Earth is the playground and battleground for ASCENSION.
Tune IN:
It will be an honor to continue The Doctor Denise Show yet with PRECISION INTENTIONs for creating community, speaking engagements, & live events for FUN & personal growth. Music is IN production.
I still have a thriving practice as an M.D. yet have evolved into a practice of UNIVERSE Medicine in every aspect of this lifetime.
Let’s GO 2024!
Sending ALL of You:
Wishes of Manifesting your dreams, healing your sufferings past, present & future.
With grace and ease.
~Dr. Denise