The Ascension Show Season 2 Ep1 Hope In Motion

The Ascension Show Season 2 Episode One

Hope in Motion

2021.  New Year.  New Hope. The crew here at “The Ascension Show” is putting Hope in Motion.  In this first episode of our second season, we shine the spotlight on our anchor Cathleen O’Toole.  As a former television news reporter Cathleen walks us through some of the stories and tragedies she covered when it seemed all hope was lost — yet there it grew — hope in motion from the ashes.  The team also, in real time, manages the emotions that came from the Chaos at the Capitol that happened hours before taping.  We learn about mindful ingestion of the news, civility and the strength one can find in a tribe that elevates and hovers in the world of love not hate.  Keep a close eye/ear out for Jennifer Shaffer’s tutorial on how to use the beauty of vibrating, vivid color to inject hope into that tough situation you’re dealing with.  We are thrilled to have you along for the ride as we put a shot of #ASCENSION into 2021!

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Beverly Bergmann, Cathleen O’Toole

Guests:  Bani Aello, Linda Medlyn

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


            Vocals: Emily Eddins

            Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

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