Rocking A Betrayal-Red Flags

Hopefully you’ve never experienced the heart-stopping moment of the realization that you’ve been betrayed.  But if you tuned into to Dr. Denise’s Rocking A Betrayal, Part One, you’ve learned that it can happen to any of us and Dr. Denise cast aside shame to stand up and say, “It happened to me.”  In telling her story, she wants to help us all learn from her experience. What could she have done differently?  What were some Red Flags that she overlooked?  Answering these questions is crucial fo self-love and protection.  Dr. Denise is always pushing forward in her pledge to #InspireALL with awareness, self-love and altruism.  And she is generous enough to share the details of this incredibly difficult time to assist any of us needing help in Rocking A Betrayal.