Rocking A Betrayal Episode: SHAME

It is with great care and discernment that Dr. Denise decided to tackle this very personal experience on her podcast.  Countless hours of prayer, meditation and consultation with trusted confidantes led her to share an intimate story of betrayal.  Why?  So many of us have felt we’ve been betrayed at one time or another:  your secret told, a partner who strayed, a financial associate who swindled.  Often times, our first response is to feel the heat of shame rise up.  How could we be so foolish?  What will others think?  Dr. Denise walks us through her betrayal, her decision to share with trusted friends and then a greater audience.  She and I talk about turning into shame, instead of running from it.  Her powerful story shows us how to take control of our own narratives by Rocking A Betrayal.

Listen Here: