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Mental Wellness, Life Hacks & Reverent Relationships with Dr. Joyce Spurgeon

Are you experiencing low energy, overwhelm or stress? Financial challenges? Seasonal mood changes? Emotional disconnect? Anticipation of the holidays? You are not alone and this is the episode for you! It is an honor to have Dr. Joyce Spurgeon, board certified psychiatrist back to discuss mental wellness, life hacks and the importance of meaningful relationships: […]

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Self Care Is The New Cool: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Jake Myers

Self Care IS the New Cool! It is an honor to have Jake Myers back on the Dr. Denise Show to discuss selfcare, boundaries, navigating the holidays, mental wellness and more! Can you imagine a world in which happiness, wellness and embracing our own unique neurostyle was championed? When WE are in the Moment of […]

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Live Show On Thanksgiving

Together WE are changing the way we think, talk & act about mental health. Thank you Tiffany for this opportunity to spend time with you and this fun & inspiring crew on Thanksgiving Day. #gratitude #join #us #on #thanksgiving 🍁♾🍁🌍❤️ #Repost Tiffany Werhner, LMHC]] with @make_repost ・・・ This Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we will come together […]

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