Childhood Bullying to Champion Mindset with Mateus and Ramiro Paré

Are you ready to be inspired?!

From being bullied as kids the Paré brothers were determined to use the energy of suffering to transform their lives through nutrition, fitness and their education in Brazil.

Martial Arts was the catalyst for their “Champion Mindset” that they integrate and instill upon others on and off the mat.

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Meet the Paré brothers:
Mateus Paré
I moved from Brazil to L.A in 2003 in search of the American dream. I always liked movies, television and Martial arts. I grew up watching Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Chuck Norris,..
I graduated in business in Brazil in 2003. One month after my graduation I came to the U.S.
Martial arts help me a lot with confidence, self esteem and fitness.
I’m also:
    –  Certified Hypnotherapist
– Influencer ( Facebook Fan page: Coach Mateus Paré)
– Sag-Aftra Actor
– Judo black belt
– Tae kwondo black belt
– Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt.
– 3 X JUDO National Champion ?? ?)
    – 2017 Jiu Jitsu Pan Am Champion ?
    – 2018 Jiu jitsu World Champion ?
Ramiro Paré was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He obtained a Law degree from “Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos”, and a MBA in International Trade at “Fundação Getulio Vargas”. He passed the Bar exam in 2001 and worked as an attorney until 2003 when he moved to Los Angeles. He always liked action movies and martial arts. Some of his idols are Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme.
 He is also a professional Interpreter, Sag Actor, judo black belt, Taekwondo black belt and Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt.
3 times judo National champion ???
2 times Brazilian Jiujitsu Pan American champion ??
1 time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion ?
Follow @paretwins on Instagram.
To find out more about private or group lessons in person or via zoom (while social distancing) contact Mateus 818 965-9305 (Southern California, USA).


Jarnell and I have been planting the seeds of  “KEEP IT REAL” since the day we met in 2017  via our shared vision of “paying it forward”, holistic health and mindful awareness.

With this unimaginable pandemic and all of the global suffering we felt compelled to launch our show right NOW.

This weekly podcast is about real, soulful conversations, perspectives and trends that matter surrounding the global transformation of physique and consciousness in this new age of information overload.

KEEP IT REAL’s mission is to educate and empower ALL types people to unleash their best, most authentic self, by interviewing influential, great minds, lifting the veil of vulnerability to reveal and honor unique perspectives.

WE believe when individuals thrive WE all thrive.

Here it is:

And special thanks to our assistant producer Katherine “Kat” Axiotis who is working with us while in quarantine in Greece!

She Beat Cancer! Meet Business Woman and Philanthropist Marjan Mamooie

Marjan and I get real about the pandemic, her surviving cancer and ways to stay healthy ~mind, body and soul during this unimaginable time.
Meet Marjan:
A Los Angeles businesswoman, philanthropist and serial volunteer who has been employed by Mercedes-Benz since 1998, Marjan Mamooie also has a company that distributes medical devices to plastic surgeons.
As a cancer survivor, she believes in giving back. Ms. Mamooie has worked with Maria Shriver to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. She has also served as a chancellor for the City of Hope, a role that saw her working tirelessly to raise money for cancer research. Additionally, Ms. Mamooie has served as a mentor for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
Ms. Mamooie is also a certified energy therapist. Having come to understand the pioneering discipline as a unique and under-appreciated tool that can enhance wellness among those overcoming various conditions, she studied energy therapy shortly after her own recovery from cancer. Now she vigorously employs energy therapy for others in their quests to achieve health and well-being.


Be Inspired by Marjan Mamooie, listen here:

Be Inspired by Pro Basketball Player, Entrepreneur and Visionary Jarnell Stokes

Are you ready to be inspired by this interview with Jarnell Stokes?

The Covid19 pandemic cut his amazing season in China playing for the XINJIANG Flying Tigers short.

Can you imagine being at the top of your game playing for a team about to seize the championship and figuring out your next steps?

Stokes decided it was back to the USA for him to be safe and with his loved ones.

Jarnell gets real about his love of basketball, devotion to holistic health and how to go into the suffering (his resurrection from an injury while playing in the NBA) and to take your life to the next level.

Listen here:

Jarnell Stokes is a world-class athlete, wellness advocate, and current professional basketball player. Jarnell was ranked #3 in the nation during his basketball career, drafted 35th overall, 2x Gold medalist, and has played professionally since 2014. Dedicating his life off the court to educating and inspiring ALL to question all assumptions and turn the tables on mental health & wellness, Jarnell sees his community as extending members of his team.

Visit: Stoked Super Foods.

Stay tuned for a children’s book release and for more exciting media announcements from Jarnell!



“It’s a Team Effort.” Manhattan Beach Mayor Richard Montgomery on Covid-19 Response

Knowledge is power. When we face the unknown head on with real time data we reduce our stress and anxiety.

If you are elderly or having physical health challenges and you live in Manhattan Beach,CA call 310 802-5010 for meal delivery and/or prescription delivery. Also “Meal To Go MB” to find out what local businesses you can support. Also daily updates can be found here.

Thank you to all local and federal governments for a team effort on flattening the curve!

Make sure you contact your local city and find out what your resources are~ you are not alone.

Manhattan Beach mayor Richard Montgomery lets us know what our local government is doing on today’s show.

Listen here:

Dallas Wings WNBA Isabelle Harrison In Self Quarantine after Safely Returning from Italy

Isabelle was playing overseas basketball in Italy when she realized it was time to come home for her health and safety to be with her family. She is self quarantining in Dallas and gets real about the unnerving departure from Italy and is now facing her own autoimmune challenges in the face of Covid-19 pandemic.

Listen here:

You can follow Isabelle Harrison at @omg_itsizzyb on Instagram and Twitter!

Celebrity Psychic and FBI Profiler Jennifer Shaffer and I Get Real About Surviving Week One of Pandemic!

Listen here:

Jennifer Shaffer is a world-renowned Psychic Medium. Her cases have been profiled on 20/20, Buzzfeed, Dr. Phil, and Oxygen. Jennifer donates her time to law enforcement and families of victims, by assisting with criminal cases and helping find answers. She is the Co- Founder, VP & Law Enforcement Case Expert for Impartial Witness, a strategic artificial intelligence software platform designing partnerships between law enforcement and the intuitive network. Jennifer founded the JS Intuitive Investigations Academy and also teaches an intuitive investigations development course for various skill levels. She is the subject of two bestselling books by Richard Martini “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” and has a private practice in Manhattan Beach.

Keeping Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Dr. Beth Frates and I get together to discuss how WE all can keep calm in the midst of chaos. Remember WE are in this together. By keeping a healthy mind and body we can thrive during the most unimaginable times. Social distancing and compassion for one another is key to not only slow down COVID-19 but to come together as ONE HUMANITY.

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Beth Frates, MD, is trained as a physiatrist and a health and wellness coach. Her expertise is in lifestyle medicine, and she works to empower patients to reach their optimal level of wellness by adopting healthy habits. Elected to the Board of Directors of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) in 2016, Dr. Frates is helping to shape the scope of this new specialty. She is an award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School and developed and taught a college lifestyle medicine curriculum at the Harvard Extension School, which is one of the most popular courses offered at the school. As the Director of Wellness Programming at the Stroke Institute for Research and Recovery at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Frates has created and implemented a twelve-month wellness program for stroke survivors and their caregivers.  She is co-author of the bookLife After Stroke: TheGuide to Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Strokeand co-author of three chapters on behavior change in different medical textbooks, and multiple journal articles on lifestyle medicine topics including exercise prescription, connection prescription, lifestyle medicine case series, and walking meeting for sustained weight loss. She shared a lifestyle medicine syllabus, which can be downloaded through the ACLM website, in hopes that her work can serve as a template for other instructors and professors hoping to teach a course in lifestyle medicine.  Dr. Frates is the co-author of the Lifestyle Medicine Handbook: An Introduction to the Power of Healthy Habits.For the past 9 years, Dr. Frates has been the faculty advisor for the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group at Harvard Medical School, and she works with the Professionals In Training (PiT) group at ACLM to help create more LMIGs in medical schools and other health care professional training schools.  Dr. Frates is passionate about developing programs focused on lifestyle medicine and wellness.


Want to increase your sense of well-being in this chaotic time? Please join Dr. Frates  for an online 6 week workshop. Starts March 30. Email or call 617 952-6149. You can join from anywhere in the Earth globe europe-africa by Zoom Meeting. Financial aid is available.


WE have got this….

I get it. We are all facing this together. Right NOW.

We are working from home.

Our kids are attempting to do online school.

Restaurants, bars, venues are closed.

Hand sanitizer is sold out.

Toilet paper is the hottest item of our time~ it is as if the more we buy the more we are feeding into our fears.


Will I get the Coronavirus? Will I unknowingly be asymptomatic and pass it to an elder relative or someone that is immunocompromised?

What will happen to my job? How will I pay my mortgage? My rent? Should I dump my stocks?

It is so important that WE stay sane, calm and prevent a greater spread of COVID-19.

Let’s do this together, ok?

Today was day 1 of homeschool and I worked from home via FaceTime to have appointments with my patients.

There were mixed feelings by all, yet a sense of HUMANITY was the shared sentiment.

Whether it was a patient, a friend, a relative or my son we all are feeling the uncertainty.

I recommend that while we are in our homes we reflect on what we are grateful for.

Do I have food, shelter and clothing?

Am I healthy?

We need to follow common sense recommendations from the CDC and adhere to social distancing.

The more we prevent the spread the sooner we will be back to business, our children at school and life will go on.


Boost your immune system with healthy nutrition, exercise and rest.

Practice meditation and mindfulness.

Limit the amount of news each day. Grab the facts and go.

Tell someone you love them.

FaceTime each other while practicing self quarantines.

Do not hoard all supplies as the grocery stores are still open.

Stay home as much as you can.

If you are having any symptoms self quarantine and go to doctor if symptoms escalate.



Have hope.

BE a GOOD Human.

This can unify US and allow us all to live with more humility, grace and love for one another.

Be safe. Be well.

With love~

Dr. Denise