Quantum Healing with Dr Doug Lehrer: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

It is an honor to have esteemed guest Dr. Doug Lehrer share his journey from childhood to NOW.

He reveals his Evolution of his Personal Integration of Mind, Body and Soul Health that sparked his Divine Path and Evolution as a Quantum Healer that has helped 100’s of thousands of individuals to reaching there UNIQUE THRIVE.

Tune IN and BE Inspired:

Dr. Doug Lehrer is a master evolutionary healer, board certified doctor of chiropractic and doctor of Quantum Medicine, a visionary author of The 7 Quantum Healing Secrets… Founder of Lehrer School of Energy Medicine Mastery that teaches functional-integrative medicine and holistic health practitioners his Cellular Resonance Quantum Medicine that resolve the emotional stress, trauma, and epigenetic family negativity that causes most physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. 

Dr. Doug has treated over 500,000 patient sessions and practices in both Los Angeles, CA and takes clients on transformational healing journeys world-wide… helping CEO’s, entrepreneurs, doctors, athletes, celebrities, parents and their children DE-stress and activate their superhuman powers to live joyful, loving, productive, aware, and heart-aligned lives.  Visit soultocell.com/7QHsecrets for your free ebook, soultocell.com to book a free discovery call or to apply to his school of energy medicine Certification program.