The Ascension Show Four: Unity:Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

The Ascension Show Four

UNITY:  Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

This week we’re talking UNITY — and it’s a safe space!  Dr. Andrea Best, MD leads the discussion about taking personal responsibility when it comes to issues of race, social justice and #UNITY.  We’ll learn to ask: “How am I being?  Where am I struggling?  Where is my internal resistance?  How can I see this differently, this group of people differently?”  It’s likely you’ll be amazed by Dr. Best’s teachings on energy frequencies => unbalance => discord => disease.  Trust us, you’ll want to be balanced!   Our “Why is This a Thing?” Segment is all #UNITY-centered.  And the Vote 2020, in these final days of the presidential election, will also be infused with #UNITY.  The anchor spotlight is on Ascension Media’s Medical Director Dr. Andrea Best, be prepared to be enlightened!  Dr. Best is going to ask the “Questions You’re Afraid to Ask.”  Exciting!

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Cathleen O’Toole

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


            Vocals: Emily Eddins

            Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

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