Sacred Siddha Medicine, Nutrition, & Immunity with Dr. R. Padmapriya


It is truly an honor to connect across the globe with Dr. R. Padmapriya from Chennai, India.

She and I were fortunate to meet in Dharamshala, India in Fall of 2018 as we both were guest lecturers discussing “Nurturing Children’s Mental Health” at His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical Society, Men Tsee Khang.

With Covid-19 affecting ALL of HUMANITY I thought it was very important to bring you information on nutrition, health and immunity that is sacred wisdom and medicine from the East.

Dr. Padmapriya was kind to reach out to me early in the pandemic with some amazing information and how to “spice it up” via nutrition for optimal health so I thought it would be amazing to share her ancestral wisdom with all of you by interviewing her on my show!

Here is the episode:

Brief Bio data of Dr R. Padmapriya

Dr R Padmapriya obtained the Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery (BSMS) from Government Siddha Medical College, Tirunelveli in 1992. She also holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy and Diploma in Cosmetology.

Dr. Padmapriya has more than 25 years of experience as a Siddha consultant and is the proprietress of Amruthi Siddha Clinic in Velachery, Chennai. She is the president of Centre for Traditional Medicine and Research, Chennai. She specializes in the treatment of diabetology, muscular skeletal problems, skin disorders, pediatric care, adolescent gynecological issues, and prenatal and postnatal care. She combines modern diagnostic tools with traditional and holistic techniques for treating patients with chronic and life-style diseases, and stress related behavioral disorders. In addition, Dr. Padmapriya is also well versed in herbal cosmetology, mind-beauty techniques, and anti-ageing therapy. Dr.Padmapriya is a resource person for CME on Child survival and Safe Motherhood. She regularly trains young women on Pre-natal postnatal care and safe delivery and also trains adolescent girls on anemia and has been successful in treating many for female infertility.

Dr.Padmapriya has been associated with the documentation, validation of traditional health, healthy dietary suggestions and recipes of local communities and healers. As an resource person in the field was part of CTMR in the Accreditation and Certification  of Prior learning of traditional health practitioners in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu

Dr Padmapriya has carried out research in herbal nutrition and dietetics for periodical, routine, balanced day-to-day health upkeep and preventive therapy.

Currently she is writing a column in Dhina thanthi Sunday edition on herbal foods which is well received by public and often sought opinion by TV channels on health issues thereby create public awareness

She has written many articles in magazines and papers and delivered talks on Ethnic and Traditional Food on the principle ‘Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food’. She has authored few books on handling.

Dr.Padmapriya has travelled to many middle east and far east asian countries and delivered lectures for Non – resident Tamil Diaspora on Siddha medicine and provided consultation.