Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang on Happiness, Tavleen and the Tavleen Foundation

Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang is a humanitarian, writer, speaker, and happiness teacher. His recent internationally recognized book was launched in November 2016 named “My Happiness-cultivating a noble and generous heart.”

Dr. Narang is an industrial engineer with a Ph.D in management engineering. An author (“The Words of My Guru”), singer (“Waheguru Simran”, “San ko data ram, “Nimaani”), and well-known motivations speaker, Dr. Narang was presented with the “Award of Honor” by the International Feteh Academy, Amritsar in 2015 and the “World Sikh Achiever” award in 2017.

Dr Narang is founder president and chief happiness officer of India’s only eternal happiness organisation –The Tavleen Foundation. The Tavleen Foundation was formed by Dr Narang in loving memory of his daughter Tavleen in 2009. Dr Narang lost Tavleen in 2008 due to bone cancer

The Tavleen Foundation is active in the field of values, social awareness and contemplative studies, working to reduce suffering in human lives and thus bringing happiness in life. The foundation publishes the prestigious journal “Soul Space“, featuring distinguished contributors from all over the world.

Instrumental Music from the song JUST SIMPLIFY
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Lyrics Michel Pascal and His Holiness Dalai-Lama, from the book “Instants Sacres”
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