Onward and Upward! Happy 2017!

The amount of gratitude as I start to write this post is immeasurable. Why? I met and collaborated with some amazing souls in 2016 that have ignited an “altruism momentum” that leaves me speechless. This includes ALL of you that are reading this and have been a part of this journey. Mindset is everything and your support of raising awareness of the importance of mental health leaves me inspired and humbled.

With ALL of your support and inspiration this year I launched the DrDeniseMD.com site, a podcast and released an ebook to give you tips, tools and facts about mental health and how to thrive. Thank you for your support and follows on Twitter @DrDeniseMD and on FaceBook too!

Are you ready for 2017? Many of my patients, followers, colleagues and loved ones have been anxious to move past this year and even want to “slam the 2016 door shut” after this hostile election year coupled with the many visionaries and artists that have passed away. As individuals and as a collective WE all experience life stages of being in crisis, creating a foundation of stability and reaching a place of thriving.

How can WE continue to heal and thrive in 2017? By learning to shift the energy of fear, sadness and rage into the vibration of LOVE.

How do WE do this? We can ALL pause and look in the mirror and ask OURSELVES, “What can I do to make this year the best for my own health and wellbeing as well as for my family, for my community and for the world at large?” WE can take action in large or small ways with clear intentions as every thought, word and action that we have as individuals affects our health and wellbeing.

As I was typing this post one of my dear friends texted me to wish me Happy New Year and said that after seeing “Rogue One” her new phrase for 2017 is, “I am the Force. And the Force is with me.”

This was divine timing as I was just about to write this thrive tip: Find your own phrase, song, meditation or mantra to keep you in the vibration of hope, inspiration and gratitude throughout the year.

Happy New Year to ALL of you and your loved ones!

With love~

Dr. Denise