Meet Dr. Janet Cox of Synapse

We are living at unprecedented times and need resources and hope to deal with the substance use and mental health crisis we are facing as a society.

“COVID-19 has directly claimed tens of thousands of U.S. lives, but conditions stemming from the novel coronavirus — rampant unemployment, isolation and an uncertain future — could lead to 75,000 deaths from drug or alcohol abuse and suicide, new research suggests.” ~CBS News.

It is an honor to interview integrative psychologist, Dr. Janet Cox of Synapse this week so we can tackle this topic head on with hope, compassion and solutions.

Listen here:

Janet Cox, Ph.D.

Dr. Janet Cox, of Synapse (, is a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Georgia with over 27 years of experience in the area of substance use disorders and other co-existing mental health disorders.  During her extensive professional career, Dr. Cox has worked as a solo practitioner, as well as, being the Director of Psychological Services for over a decade with a large professional group of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers overseeing an inpatient, Dual Diagnosis Unit in a local, psychiatric hospital. She has also been the Chief Psychologist for a national hospital providing psychotherapies and psychological evaluations to both adolescents and adults in an inpatient chemical recovery program. More recently, she was the Clinical Director for a long-term, residential treatment facility in Atlanta for over three years providing holistic services to adolescent, young adult and adult clients.

Dr. Cox has worked with diverse populations using a variety of clinical specialties and treatment modalities.  She is certified in clinical hypnosis and Reiki.  In addition to substance use disorders, Dr. Cox’s other specializations include abuse/survivor issues, personality disorders, eating disorders, behavioral medicine, sport psychology and psychological testing and evaluations.

Dr. Cox received her Ph.D. in Leadership, Management and Counseling Psychology followed by a two-year Post Doctorate track in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology all from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Psychology from East Tennessee State University. She performed a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at the Pain Control and Rehabilitation Institute of Georgia. She is the member of a number of professional organizations such as the American Psychological Associations and the Georgia Psychological Association. She volunteers with the ServeGA in Fulton County, the Disaster Response Network with the Red Cross, and the Public Education Committee of GPA. Dr. Cox is co-author of a book in the mental health field, an accomplished professional athlete, and an international lecturer and consultant.

Janet Cox’s approach to to treating substance abuse by using the Synapse System which is based on 5 core principles:

  • Principle I:    Addiction is a brain disease.  Effective treatments address brain function.
  • Principle II:    Substance use disorders co-occur with other mental health disorders. Co-occurring disorders need to be assessed and treated with evidence-informed therapies.
  • Principle III:    Substance use disorders impact the entire family. Address the family system so all members can recover.
  • Principle IV:   The treatment of substance use disorders requires a holistic, multi-component, research-based, individualized approach with a strong educational component that addresses the brain, co-occurring disorders, and the family system.
  • Principle V:    Treating substance misuse can prevent the onset of a chronic, progressive disease process leading to chronic underachievement at the very best and, at worst, death.


Additional resources:

Suicide hotline: 1 800 273-8255

SAMSHA (Substance Use) 1 8006624357