Meet My Dharma Brother Lama Tenzin Choegyal and the Girls at the CED HOUSE!

I am missing hugs right now~ are you?

My solution?

I decided to pick up the phone and do a podcast to connect across the globe with people that keep me INSPIRED!

It is so important for us to reach out to loved ones near and far during this pandemic.

All around the world we are staying at home to be safe and have good health.

It is a time to adapt, be grateful and BE creative with our time.

Remember, WE are in this together!

I am excited for you to meet Lama Tenzin Choegyal and for you to hear from five of the girls from the orphanage, CED HOUSE, in Dehradun India!

Listen and BE INSPIRED:


The girls on interview are:

Sonam P. Gurung- Master on Human Resources

Passang L. Gurung– BBA LLB

Pema D. Gurung- Master on Marketing

Passang C. Gurung- Master on Interior Design

Pema L. Gurung- Master on Animation

Lama and I discussed his vision and evolution of the CED house as well as his MISSION WOMANITY and the PINK PAD PROJECT!

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Thank you to ALL  of you that are continuing to be hopeful, grateful and live with compassion and love NOW and always!


Dr. Denise