The Dr. Denise Philosophy

I encourage my patients to be the best version of themselves and ask them, “What would your best life look like?” Then, together we create a tailored plan that supports their wellness. This may include what brings them the most joy in their lives and makes them feel passionate such as yoga, walking, skiing, creative writing, etc…


I believe in prescribing the least amount of medication as possible and always start assessing from a holistic perspective where I treat the person as an individual.


I strongly believe that you are not your symptoms. I don’t want people to feel stigmatized. One of the hardest things for me is that people feel bad when they walk in my door. I am committed to changing that mindset.

I want people to embrace their mental health in a positive way.


I do validate the “illness” part of suffering yet I explain to my patients that our thoughts and word choice are an essential part of the “fast track to wellness”. I use language that is appropriate for each age group. I embrace Western medicine coupled with all paths to wellness. I value the viewpoint of my patients.


You have to know that your doctor is well trained, compassionate, and empathic. How do you figure this out? You get to spend time with them. You listen carefully to not only the facts they educate you with but how they deliver the information.


Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when choosing the right Doctor for you:

Do you feel like they want you to be well?

Are they treating you like a person and not like you are a “walking target symptom”?

Do they make eye contact when they are talking to you?

Do they listen to your viewpoint?


I encourage my patients to understand that the key to moving from crisis to thriving is the belief in your ability to get well. My patients end up thriving and turning their lives around in profound ways by this unique approach. I teach my golden rule which is be loving, be kind, be respectful to yourself and others. As we do this in our lives we foster peace to our families, communities and the world.





1) Be the best version of yourself.

2) No matter what diagnosis you have, you are not flawed.

3) You are not your symptoms.

4) There is no shame in seeing a psychiatrist.

5) What does it look like for you to thrive? Not just exist.

6) Focus on the end point of thriving.

7) Be loving and be kind.

8) Call upon your best work and your highest self.

9) Embrace your mental health.


Don’t forget that your strengths can be your weaknesses. Empower yourself and set an intention everyday to thrive in your life. Find a way. You can do it.


Dr. Denise